VIDEO: Creative Activism: “Take Your Broken Heart, Make it Into Art” #changetheworld #artforchange

Strategies for developing impactful stories; best practices for creating an effective call to action; and tips for navigating the risks, challenges, and criticism that often accompany provocative work. Learn about funding opportunities and other supportive programs and networks for artist-activists’ passion projects, courtesy of  SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

Panel includes Lisa Dent, Charlotte Wells, Jason Odell Williams and Stefon Bristol. Moderated by Stephen Duncombe.

VIDEO: Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Lange & Reese Witherspoon #interview #acting

Oprah Winfrey (‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’), Jessica Lange (‘Feud: Bette and Joan’), Chrissy Metz (‘This Is Us’), Nicole Kidman (‘Big Little Lies’), Reese Witherspoon (‘Big Little Lies’) and Elisabeth Moss (‘The Handmaid’s Tale’) discuss acting at this Hollywood Reporter Roundtable.

VIDEO: Nurturing the Actor Agent Relationship from SAG-AFTRA #acting #business

An exploration of how actors and agents can cultivate positive and fruitful business partnerships. Agents and their clients will discuss topics that include identifying compatibility, best practices for effective communication, building mutual trust, defining and pursing goals and career strategy, and managing expectations.

Panelists include agents Irene Cabrera and Erica Bines and actors Ceasar Fernando Barajas and Clifton Davis. Moderated by Betsy Capes.

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