TURBO TUESDAY: Featuring The Self Tape Audition Studio

It’s the second Tuesday of the month, which means our new feature of “Turbo Tuesday” is here!

This is where we highlight and talk about a service, webinar, class, studio – anything that we feel will help boost your acting career and take it (and you) to the next level.

None of these posts are sponsored or paid for (this is not a pay to review category), but all articles will focus on a service, teacher or studio that we have had personal experience with and recommend.

Essentially, it’s a showcase of actor business tools, focusing on the positive, good stuff to help your career.

So, without further ado … let’s have a look at our first recommended acting resource for 2015, nominated (and written) by ActorSpeak.com founder, Sally McLean:


There are more and more self tape services appearing worldwide as the film and television casting process embraces the internet and the global talent discovery possibilities it now provides.

Gone are the days of having to move to a perceived acting hub (Hollywood, Sydney, London, etc) to be seen by Casting Directors. While it can still help, it is most certainly NOT mandatory any more to uproot and move cities to audition for available roles in the national and international TV and movie business.

However, the rise of self taped auditions also brings with it a whole new learning curve for the actor.  Do you have to buy a camera?  Who can you get as a Reader?  Where should you shoot it?  What about sound … lighting … editing … uploading … eeek!!

I first encountered Ben Steel (Director of the Self Tape Audition Studio) via my work with another acting studio in 2012 (more on that in a later “Turbo Tuesday” post).  With a background in acting that includes lead and support roles in Australian TV shows such as Home & Away, Winners & Losers and Water Rats, along with movie roles in international films such as Solomon Kane, Red Tails and Four Of A Kind, and production crew experience in a plethora of big budget Hollywood films from The Matrix to Moulin Rouge to I, Frankinstein to Predestination, Ben has a wealth of experience both in front of and behind the camera.  Add to that his extensive work studying and teaching acting in Europe, the UK and Australia, as well as producing and directing several of his own TV projects, both in Oz and overseas,  and you have not just an experienced actor/director, but, due to Ben also being an all-round great guy, also a supportive and experienced collaborator.

I rate Ben so highly as a talent and a colleague, that a few short months after meeting him (well, okay, a year), I invited him to become my co-producer and business partner at Finish Line Films Pty Ltd.   Little did he know what he was getting into by saying “yes” to that invitation (ha!), so let’s look at this Turbo Tuesday post as a way of me saying “thanks” to him for all his support, skills and savvy over the past 12 months …

But enough about me, back to the self tape thing …

Of course you can shoot, edit and upload your own self tape.  Plenty of actors do.  But if you want to take the guesswork and potential stress out of putting your audition down on tape yourself, then I recommend booking and using a service such as the one Ben provides.

In short, the Self Tape Audition Studio delivers support, advice and an industry recognized professional self tape audition service to actors in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Ben and his team work out of a compact, but fully kitted out studio set up, which includes green screen and sound equipment, with HD cameras and full editing and uploading facilities.

They’ll even provide you with a professional reader if required – which it is, trust me!  I have read for Ben’s clients in the self tape environment and they have always been stress-free and highly professional sessions.  (Sometimes, they’ve even been fun.  I know – incredible, right!?)

So, my Turbo Tuesday Recommendation for January 13, 2015 is – the Self Tape Audition Studio.  If you’re interested in what the Self Tape Audition Studio has to offer, and would like to know more, drop by their official Facebook page here.

Oh, and they are currently running a competition via StarNow – offering 5 free Self Tape sessions to 2 Star Now members (1 male, 1 female).  Competition closes January 30th, so get over there and get in the mix!

‘Till next Turbo Tuesday …

Sally McLean