VIDEO: Screentests/Auditions – Gone With The Wind

This is a fascinating look at a variety of actors who screentested for the now legendary film “Gone With The Wind”.  Not only do we see the actors who were eventually cast in the film, but you get to see just how differently each actor plays the same role – particularly in the case of Scarlett.

Featuring: Tallulah Bankhead, Susan Hayward, Margaret Tallichet, Frances Dee, Mary Ray, Lana Turner, Paulette Goddard, Anita Louise, Dorothy Jordan, Linda Watkins, Frances Fuller, Adrea Leeds, Jean Kent, Anne Shirley, Marsha Hunt, Mervlyn Douglas, Jeffrey Lynn, Joan Bennett, Jean Arthur, Hattie Noel, Hattie McDaniel, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, and Clark Gable.