VIDEO: Jim Gianopulos, Brad Grey, Alan Horn, Donna Langley, Jonathan Sehring and Kevin Tsujihara Discuss Being Film Studio Heads (THR)

It’s nearly here … only one day to go until one of the red-letter days of the acting biz arrives – Oscars Sunday.  So today, in honour of the biggest event in Hollywood, we present the final video  in a series of current top movie talent round-table interviews, conducted by The Hollywood Reporter – The Studio Heads’ Round Table.

Traditionally less-forthcoming than the more visible actors, directors and writers, Hollywood Studio bosses, Jim Gianopulos (Fox), Brad Grey (Paramount),  Alan Horn (Disney Studios), Donna Langley (Universal),  Jonathan Sehring (IFC Films) and Kevin Tsujihara (Warner Bros.) discuss Superhero movie overload, the challenges of the box office and the rise of Netflix, among other issues now being faced by the traditional power centres in Hollywood and beyond.

In preparation for tomorrow’s Academy Awards’ presentation, curl up and get to know some of the biggest decision makers in the business and how the biz ticks from the top down in this engaging round table discussion.  Enjoy.