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VIDEO: Nurturing the Actor Agent Relationship from SAG-AFTRA #acting #business

An exploration of how actors and agents can cultivate positive and fruitful business partnerships. Agents and their clients will discuss topics that include identifying compatibility, best practices for effective communication, building mutual trust, defining and pursing goals and career strategy, and managing expectations.

Panelists include agents Irene Cabrera and Erica Bines and actors Ceasar Fernando Barajas and Clifton Davis. Moderated by Betsy Capes.

VIDEO: “Homeland” Creator, Alex Gansa on Criticism (THR)

After a hiatus, during which time we created our own web series “Shakespeare Republic”, starring Alan Fletcher, Michala Banas, Ben Steel, Rowena Hutson and the team, Sally McLean and Billy Smedley – all playing Shakespeare (more on that at the official website:, we’re back with updates and found the following video really fascinating and relevant to what we’ve just been through.

Today’s video, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, features screenwriter Alex Gansa, who is also the creator of the hugely popular Homeland, starring Claire Danes, Damien Lewis and Mandy Patinkin.

In this excerpt from a longer roundtable discussion with drama writers (that we’ll be sharing in a couple of days), Alex discusses how a scene can be written in the edit suite (an important thing for all actors to remember!), what it is like working with networks and what he thinks about criticism from the public.


VIDEO: Creative Spark: Screenwriter, Eric Roth

Today’s video, courtesy of Academy Originals, features screenwriter Eric Roth, known for Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Good Shepherd, Munich, Ali, The Insider, The Horse Whisperer, The Postman and Forrest Gump, among other screenplays.

Eric speaks about how he comes up with ideas, his writing process, what he feels makes a good writer, working with Studios, how he deals with writer’s block and much more.


VIDEO: Creative Spark: Screenwriter, John August

Today’s video, courtesy of Academy Originals, features Screenwriter John August, known for films such as Frankenweenie, Dark Shadows, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, Charlie’s Angels & Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and Titan A.E.

In this interview, John shares his fascinating process, how he writes (both from a mental/imagination process as well as the practical application of that process), where he draws inspiration, how he gives himself the best environment to be creative and how he problem solves.

Two words that stood out to us “standing desk”.  What a concept.


VIDEO: Day In The Life: Production Designer, Jane Musky

Today’s video, courtesy of Academy Originals, features Production Designer Jane Musky, known for numerous films including Hitch, Mona Lisa Smile, Maid in Manhattan, Finding Forrester, The Object of My Affection, Glengarry Glen Ross, Ghost, When Harry Met Sally…, Young Guns and Raising Arizona, among many others.

In this micro-documentary, Jane takes us through her typical day, in this case on the upcoming film Freeheld, and gives us a brilliant inside look at what her role as Production Designer entails and, by extension, just how much her decisions and creativity can impact on an actor’s decisions once they are in the environment she has created.


VIDEO: Creative Spark: Costume Designer, Mark Bridges

Today we bring you a video, courtesy of Academy Originals, featuring Mark Bridges as he talks about the creativity involved in his work as a Costume Designer for film.  Mark is highly regarded in this field with numerous awards and nominations for his work to date and a long list of film credits including Inherent Vice, Captain Phillips, Silver Linings Playbook, The Master, The Artist,  The Fighter, There Will Be Blood, I Heart Huckabees, The Italian Job, 8 Mile, Blow, Magnolia and Boogie Nights, to name a few.

With fascinating information about how he sees his work in relation to how it effects and assists actors, the collaboration process between himself, the actor, the director and the production design department, what creativity means to him, how he problem-solves and how he sees his role in the filmmaking process.  A lot of what Mark shares can be also applied to acting – particularly the research aspect, reminding us that every role in the filmmaking process in interrelated and as vital as each other.  Enjoy.