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SCREEN TEST: Tom Hanks, Robyn Wright and Haley Joel Osment for Forrest Gump

Sometimes you see an audition tape and totally know why an actor got a role – and when it comes to Robyn Wright and Haley Joel Osment’s auditions for Forrest Gump, this is so very much the case.  Robyn’s audition is flawless, which isn’t surprising at all, and Haley is just so incredibly cute and smart (for 5 years old) that it is obviously a no-brainer the two of them were cast.

It is also interesting to watch how Tom Hanks handles essentially being the reader for the auditions – we assume he was already cast and so these tests are what is known as “chemistry tests” – to see if the actors that have been shortlisted will have the required chemistry with the leading man – which they obviously both do.  Watch to the end for the final chat between Tom and Haley – just wonderful.


SCREEN TEST: Marlon Brando in Rebel Without A Cause

It’s always fascinating to see how another actor may have played a role on film that we now see as synonymous with one particular face and voice.  In this case, the role showcased below went to James Dean and would propel him to super stardom in Hollywood.  But here, another actor of that generation, also relatively unknown at the time, tested for the film in the early development stages while the script was still being written.  Welcome to what Rebel Without A Cause might have looked like if Marlon Brando got the role over Jimmy Dean.  Enjoy …

VIDEO: Screentests/Auditions – Gone With The Wind

This is a fascinating look at a variety of actors who screentested for the now legendary film “Gone With The Wind”.  Not only do we see the actors who were eventually cast in the film, but you get to see just how differently each actor plays the same role – particularly in the case of Scarlett.

Featuring: Tallulah Bankhead, Susan Hayward, Margaret Tallichet, Frances Dee, Mary Ray, Lana Turner, Paulette Goddard, Anita Louise, Dorothy Jordan, Linda Watkins, Frances Fuller, Adrea Leeds, Jean Kent, Anne Shirley, Marsha Hunt, Mervlyn Douglas, Jeffrey Lynn, Joan Bennett, Jean Arthur, Hattie Noel, Hattie McDaniel, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, and Clark Gable.


SCREEN TEST: Kurt Russell as Han Solo in Star Wars

From the Casting annals of “what could have been”, here is a flashback to the 1970’s when George Lucas was casting for a little sci-fi flick called “Star Wars”.  In case you ever wondered (and let’s face it, people did – despite those of us who never knew otherwise finding it hard to comprehend) this is what Han Solo could have looked and sounded like if Kurt Russell had been successful and booked the job over Harrison Ford … enjoy …