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VIDEOS: Conversations with John Goodman (SAG Foundation)

A lovely and funny chat with US Actor John Goodman, where he talks about his life and career, auditioning and what he would tell his younger self if he had the chance to dispense that advice (we’ll give you a hint, it involves the word “relax”).

Best advice given? “Learn your lines.” And when things are going pear-shaped on set: “Slow down and keep focused on the guy you’re working opposite and everything will take care of itself.”


(Note: we know that the video cuts out a couple of times, but you don’t miss anything important and it only goes to grey screen twice for about 10 seconds each time – just letting you know!).

VIDEO: Matt Damon on why you shouldn’t be nervous (7.30 Report)

Wandering around the internet, we ended up browsing the archives of our local public broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), where we found this gem of an interview with Matt Damon from 2013 for the program 7.30 Report with host Leigh Sales.

We always enjoy Matt’s interviews.  There’s something grounded about him that just makes us want to listen to what he has to say.  It also helps that he comes across as smart and well-read.  We also really like Leigh Sales as an interviewer.  Normally hip-deep in politicians’ refuse, navigating to the truth (quite often successfully), it was fun to watch her have a break from all that, be a little star-struck and yet still ask well thought-out questions and conduct an interesting and insightful interview.

Have a break from what you’re doing (the video only runs about 7 minutes) and learn what advice Matt’s been given during his career, what fame was like when it suddenly arrived and enjoy his Jack Nicholson impression (we did) …

WALLPAPER: Brigitte Bardot Quote On Acting With Photo

Today we share a quote from Brigitte Bardot about how she saw herself as an actress, which, whether she knew it or not, highlights the basic core approach to acting that most techniques are based on.  Every character should share something of who you are – that’s what makes your portrayal of that character truthful and unique.


Free 1920 x 1280 Wallpaper.  Quote by Brigitte Bardot.  Design by Sally McLean. Photo © Unknown. [To save wallpaper to your hard drive, right click and choose “Save As …”]

VIDEO: Conversations With Mickey Rooney (SAG Foundation)

Now that the Oscars are behind us, with all the glamour and madness that comes with it, we decided we’d like to hear from someone who represented the Hollywood of old, along with all the graciousness, humbleness and love of craft & the biz that comes with such experience.

This feeling was inspired during the presentation on Sunday, when, while saddened to see the various names and faces of those who have passed over the last 12 months, we also felt a surge of gratefulness for all those who came before us and that we had them for as long as we did.  The desire to listen to one of the greats and soak up the information, stories and knowledge they held became very strong – which was the point where we thanked the powers that be for the internet.  We were delighted, after a quick search, to discover this interview from the Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s “Conversation” series that features one of the greats who only recently left us, industry legend, Mickey Rooney, undertaken in 2004.

This is a chance to hear about the history of American entertainment – from burlesque and vaudeville to movies and television to online, this man has experienced it all and his stories are fascinating and enlightening, insightful and funny.  “Change is good as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody.”

The biggest takeaway advice: “Don’t retire, inspire.”  And that’s exactly what he did and does.  Enjoy.