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VIDEO: Nurturing the Actor Agent Relationship from SAG-AFTRA #acting #business

An exploration of how actors and agents can cultivate positive and fruitful business partnerships. Agents and their clients will discuss topics that include identifying compatibility, best practices for effective communication, building mutual trust, defining and pursing goals and career strategy, and managing expectations.

Panelists include agents Irene Cabrera and Erica Bines and actors Ceasar Fernando Barajas and Clifton Davis. Moderated by Betsy Capes.

VIDEO: Michael Caine interview on Parkinson (Segment)

We just love this interview segment with Michael Caine (and Billy Connolly) on Parkinson’s last show.  Great snippets of information about the acting craft for film, plus a good example of an actor who is eternally curious about the world around them.  Favourite quote? “You have to ‘behave’, you mustn’t ‘act'”. Gold!


WALLPAPER: Marilyn Monroe quote on acting with photo

From the ill-fated Marilyn Monroe: an interesting quote on acting, illustrating her efforts to understand her craft, accompanied by an unusual photo of her from her New York acting training days.


Free 1920 x 1280 Wallpaper.  Quote by Marilyn Monroe.  Design by Sally McLean. Photo © Unknown.
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